Monday, February 27, 2012

working on it

I'd love a little antique/vintage-y writing desk instead of the L-shaped modern glass and metal framed contraption currently in our office.  I picked up a couple cute things while antiquing with my mother-in-law-to-be and her friend this weekend:
vintage birthday cards, so sweet

everyone needs an old picnic basket
that would pair nicely with an older-style writing spot.  when I go antiquing, I love to look at glassware, books, and other treasures; it makes me wonder what items of my generation will be hot ticket antiques as we age.  what should we be holding onto? what should I let go?

the weekend ended on a sour note, but was overall incredibly enjoyable.  Lydia hit the proverbial wall and had a nuclear meltdown as we were leaving, so we missed out on being in the family picture taken at the hotel.  we didn't even make it out of the parking lot and she was out cold.  we stopped briefly in Worthington so I could get a dark chocolate mocha (read: heaven in a cup) from Caribou, then we inched home through the thick slush and driving wind.  I love being home; last night Charlie and I snuggled in and talked about making our cozy apartment more of a home instead of a place where we feel stationed and ready to move somewhere else.  here is where we are now, and I feel like I am missing out on sharpening my home-making skills before we inevitably move to a larger residence. truth be told, we are in the process of purchasing an acreage, but it's going ever so slowly for many reasons.  buying a home is hard work, friends.

but for now I will organize my closets. and paint shelves. and restructure my laundry area. and hang wall art. and paint more on Lydia's mural. and invest more time in my home.  I've neglected my surroundings and focused on other things, losing myself and my connection to my home in the process.  Charlie's commented on how much he likes the changes taking place, which makes me happy. I like to make him happy :)

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