Saturday, February 25, 2012

boji bay baby musings

Boji Bay.

I've never been here, but am enjoying the stay thus far! the Chapman clan has gathered for a spring getaway at Bridges Bay Resort, a swanky place in Arnold's Park.  with a most excellent water park and condos furnished to the nines, we've been having fun splashing and conversing.  Lydia all but refused to get out of the pool last night, her little lips tinged with the slightest purple and swim diaper soggy to the maximum capacity.  I thought I'd prepared emotionally for the level of upset her schedule would sustain with the multi-family event, but no dice; she's thrown, but we'll all live.  we usually have such a quiet home with routine to keep us in check that when we do get out on little vacations, she struggles with wanting to be awake and visiting, bonking around with her cousins, and what her body needs/wants to do.  it can be a challenge to sneak away and try to nurse her down when there's so much fun to be had in the other room!

speaking of nursing (as I often do), this morning I put her down for a nap and realized with quiet wonderment that I am nursing a 17-month old.  with no expectations for nursing past a year (but plenty up to that point) I have kept going with it for many reasons.  she and I both love it--the only time I can sweep her up in my arms and snuggle for just a little while. and I think that little busy being appreciates those time-outs with mama, too. when she affectionately pats my shoulders and cheeks and stares into my eyes, for that sweet moment the world dissolves away and I'm left with trying to figure out how my soft, squishy newborn grew into such a big, pretty girl.

in tune with my amazing ability to forget something when we leave the house, I'll post pictures of our getaway when we return home and I find my camera cable.

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