about us

hello! my name is Katie.

I live in a little town on the prairie, with my husband, daughter, frogs, cat, dove, and horse dog. we are also expecting a baby in May 2014! 

we love a few things, in no particular order:
  • time together--can never have enough
  • Pinterest projects and doing fun things around the house--the list never ends!
  • hearty, real, nourishing food
  • playing outside in all manners
  • planning for our future together on a little acreage. someday.
  • snuggling in with a good book [right now Lydia's favorite books are Meet Me at the Moon and any of the Berenstein Bear books]
as a busy family, we know what it's like to be frustrated to spend time away from each other.  we're getting better at making the most of our moments together, whether it's creaming each other in Mario Kart or baking bread.  with our daughter being three [how does it happen so fast?!] and having another on the way, life has sped up considerably. this blog is about our adventures in finding a family rhythm and making our dreams come true.

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