Wednesday, February 29, 2012

today I have a lengthy to-do list that isn't quite so intimidating:

feed the cat (hey, you have to start somewhere)
make homemade applesauce (yeeees, didn't get done yesterday)
catch up on laundry
sort out Lydia's outgrown clothes and package for Goodwill/Jo Mama's Closet
start planning the layout for our garden plot and create a Pinterest board for seeds/design
email our wedding invite list to my mom and Chuck's mom for review
go to Read It Again Books and purchase books for the kids' book drive
organize office closets

there's more to do around here (always more to do) but the more projects I tick off my list, the better I feel.  icy, slushy, icky days make for productivity in the home, otherwise I'd be climbing the walls.  we can tell that Lydia is readjusting to the home life from a crazy weekend getaway, and that she'd love to play outside...hopefully soon the weather will cooperate so we can send her out to dig tunnels and walk down the street to see the neighbors' doggy.

I have my office almost completely organized.  there are two projects left; sanding/painting the bookshelves made by my grandfather and stained an abysmally hard-to-match-to-anything color, and finding a new desk.  when we were in Okoboji this weekend I spotted a little treasure that would have been perfect, but I'm waiting to sell my other one before making a purchase.  in the event that we don't end up getting the acreage, this home needs to fit our lifestyle until we find another property that interests us.  I can't be present in a constant state of transition: my recurring theme for 2012 is here is where we are now.  slowly we are learning to be more intentional about our actions and thoughts at home.  deliberate living, where my days hold productivity and love, is my goal.

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