Thursday, February 23, 2012

mornings in our house

first, coffee.  preferably, and usually, from my mom's coffee shop uptown. mmm.

then, online. reading the news, catching the latest pins on Pinterest, what's up Facebook?

make my to-do list. it ends up being much too long and I get overwhelmed before tackling anything on it.

Lydia wakes up, she's wet and a little cranky, but can be brought to smiles with a clean diaper, and some scrambled eggs and avocados.

Chuck may or may not be out of bed by this point; he gets up with her when I'm at work, so it's only fair that he sleeps in a little. we breakfast together with Lydia, who by this point has fed the rest of her eggs to a very happy kitten.

discuss the day with Chuck. what should we plan on doing (do not mention half-hearted to do list). build a much more feasible day plan over another cup of coffee.

Lydia becomes bored with our list-making, so she gets down from the breakfast table and chases after the aforementioned kitten.

the mail guy gets here and I briefly look through my new Real Simple magazine.

laundry gets started, dishes run through the dishwasher, the house remains in a state of chaos since Lyd takes two toys out for every one we put away. make a mental note to donate/put away more toys.

start five different projects: organize my wedding decorations, create a new board on Pinterest, clean out a closet, scrub the stovetop, and sweep the fridge for old food. all end up being half-done. Chuck helps around the house and keeps Lydia distracted.

time for lunch with Lydia!

how do your mornings usually go?

even though we have a routine, I always come back to wanting to streamline and simplify more and more agenda items in our day.  I've thought about doing Monday laundry, Tuesday baking, Wednesday windows...or whatever order fits and makes sense, but I never stick to it. looking forward to having a more consistent rhythm that we can ease into each day!

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