Wednesday, May 22, 2013

those little moments.

we've had some big smiles, good laughs, and warm hugs around here lately.  my best friends in the world, Anne and Brynn, came to visit us this weekend and we spent some solid quality time together! amazing how refreshing and inspiring time with our friends can be. now that we finally have time and energy to add 'time with friends' to our list of utmost priorities, my heart has really become full with all the wonderful ways our buddies lift us up (and hopefully we lift them up too)! with conversations on love, marriage, health, fitness, Pinterest projects, pets, raising children, and more, we were completely affirmed in the ways that we're living life now, and we love how Anne and Brynn are living their lives too. proud to have such wonderful women in my life!

in other news, things are going well with our jobs and with raising little Lydia. she's such a big girl, surprising us every day with a new phrase, memory, or ability. we have our routine in the morning that we follow to a T every day: wake up, make coffee, snuggle together for the first cup, get dressed, wash face, brush teeth, brush hair, do our make up, and out the door we go for another day of work and daycare. same with evening: get home from daycare, Lydia plays while I make supper, eat, bath, books, potty, lullabye, bedtime. she's learning how to crack jokes, remembers stories (and makes them up), cooks and bakes with us, fishes like a pro, and snuggles in at the day's end to remind us she's still our baby.

too cool for school

the catfishers--Charlie, Lydia and Uncle Tom

my sweet prairie posie

4-wheeler rides around the block

throwing rocks in the lake with cousins

we told her she could have the front wheel for Christmas! haha

an Eastern Screech owl just outside our house!

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