Sunday, May 12, 2013


putting everything before yourself.
staying humble, because nothing is ever the same.
wearing your heart outside your body, every day.
being brought to tears by a flower, a hug, or the sight of a peacefully sleeping baby.
wondering if anything you do will make a difference.
wondering if everything you do will make a difference.
being gracious and grateful.
bringing to light your darkest fears.
bringing to light your greatest joys.
staying generous and remembering that the gift is in the giving.
recognizing yourself in the warm little person who loves you.
handling conflict with humor and class. but also remembering a little classlessness can be funny.
remembering that this too shall pass.
answering questions that may not have an answer.
asking questions to which you may not want the answer.
moving through days with a full mind and full heart.
being more patient than you ever thought possible.
nourishing body, mind and soul with good food and good love.

one, or maybe even two, more books before bedtime.
sure, have another glass of chocolate milk.
no, you may not paint the cat.
oh, who am I kidding. here kitty kitty kitty!
clean up your room.
can you help me with the laundry?
go outside and play.
come in and take a bath, you're a mess!
get out of the bath, you're a prune!
one more hug, mama loves you so much.
mama, I gotta go potty!

Happy Mother's Day to the women in my life who have shown me grace and patience as I learn to mother Lydia. to the women who have taught me all of these things and more, I am beyond grateful for your love. 

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