Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ice bound.

woke up this morning to quite a sight.
branches coating our front lawn. and one culprit in particular laying next to our car, a smashed windshield as a result of its fall.
poor car, and poor trees! this storm has had debilitating and destructive effects, looking forward to warmer temperatures and being able to clean up the debris.

but Lydia and I had a good day! Charlie was able to make it out to work, so Lyd and I bonked around our house, cleaning, playing PlayDoh, baking, and more. we baked a custard blueberry cake with cardamom and cinnamon, a cornbread, and some new bars from another favorite blogger. I was also able to have my stepdad run me out to camp so I could feed/water our little menagerie of animals. then a visit from my friend and her sweet sweet baby, dinner with my family, and a Twins game. strange, but cozy, snow day here!

mixing the wet ingredients for our cornbread

hard to believe this was a shot from Sunday--tapping trees!

we own the most tolerant cat on the planet. being tickled by a toddler while laying tummy-side-up between Charlie's legs...priceless! ;)

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