Saturday, May 26, 2012

roses and thorns

at camp when I was growing up, we had devotional time to talk out our feelings and ideas on what living life was all about. one poignant part of the discussion was always your roses and thorns--the highs and lows of life, and sharing them was always fulfilling. it was so interesting to hear what other kids/young adults, even my counselors, were struggling with; sometimes their challenges were the same as mine, sometimes I couldn't believe that a thorn of theirs was a rose of mine, or vice versa.

today I'm going to quickly share some roses and thorns, because it's been a long, hard week. had some good talks with old friends and new ones, tried my best to see the light in every day, but maybe one of my thorns is someone's rose, and you, dear reader, can possibly shed some rosy light on my troubles. Or...vice versa.

-my mom is getting married today, and I feel so proud and happy for her and Brian.
-I made some incredible new connections this week, and pushed my emotional boundaries of seeing how far I can take my love without losing myself or my strength in the process
-little steps are being made in the realm of becoming healthier for my family every day
-I have loved the weather this week. the gray brings the thoughts for me, and I love a good tunder-boomer, doncha know

-the challenges of thoughtful and intentional parenting are putting me through the wringer--have been praying over this for some time now, wondering how I can be the mother and model for Lydia that I've always wanted to be while trying to balance everything else
-this week was emotionally trying, and I feel as though I have failed people who were depending on me in various ways, from simply not returning a phone call to making difficult decisions with a family regarding the health of their babies
-I am feeling less than strong, in willpower and love this week, and could definitely stand to be more mindful of my impatience with myself

what are your roses and thorns? do they echo mine this week? what can you bring to the campfire to share?


  1. At my camp (and in college on folks birthdays) we always shared rose, bud and thorn. The bud is something that you are working on.

    My rose this week - I finished my lesson plans for next week on Friday after school! Oh yeah! Long weekend all to myself.

    My bud - I took steps to renew my Minnesota teaching licence (its not a very impressive bud, but its something that I had been putting off, it had to be done and now I have started).

    My thorn - continues to be staying positive in a challenging classroom. My students seem intent on testing me to very end.

    And this proves once again that teaching has taken over my life. Sigh. 9 more school days.

  2. PS: Say congratulations and I love you to my Slayton mom for me!

  3. Ooh, I like the bud concept--great addition, never heard of it before! Thank you for sharing :) :) miss and love you!

  4. My rose- I reconnected with the awesome and spiritual power of nature this week.

    My bud- I am currently applying for a position as a paraprofessional hoping to gain experience in the education system.

    My thorn- Maintaining a positive attitude and the right amount of self awareness.