Thursday, May 17, 2012

do you need a rhythm?

a question I've been asking myself for quite some time now: do we need a rhythm?
remember that old adage?
monday: wash day
tuesday: ironing day
wednesday: sewing day
thursday: market day
friday: cleaning day
saturday: baking day
sunday: day of rest

I've been wanting to instill something like this for so long in our home, and like with many other projects I've begun and let slide, this too has fallen to the wayside.  it can't anymore--we are all feeling the lack of consistency in our lives here, and I feel now more than ever would be a good time to begin separating my days into manageable portions of productivity.  adding this to an already horrendous work schedule will be tricky, but it has to be better than trying to cram in forty bazillion items on a to-do list with no structure or rhythm, just a mad dash to get as much done as possible in a day.

can working parents with crazy work schedules have rhythm to their days? can we dilute the most basic, simple needs for each day from the chaos of running here, running there, throw a load of laundry in and forget it till tomorrow, and use those needs to put a single purpose to our day? laundry, today is a laundry day.  cooking, today is where I will put together meals for our family that we can throw in the oven later. baking, today is the day to bake bread and cookies and have Lydia help with the flour because it's the messiest.  I can't sew, or iron for that matter, but I certainly can put together lists for a market day.  or get input from my family on what days work best for laundry, housecleaning, etc. how would you break down your days of the week, busy one?

I reorganized the linen closet and cleaned our bedroom today; the dishwasher and laundry still need to be taken care of.  Lydia is home sick from daycare today.  She will wake from her nap soon, and there will go my productivity, because she'll need to be held, and nursed, and loved, something that my grateful heart will soar for doing.  the thought of staying home with her and letting Charlie work and provide goes through my mind daily, but between us there are too many bills, too many what-ifs to let one income provide for our home.  so, we both work, and we both do the best we can.  maybe someday we can reassign priorities and live more simply.  but today, I have a sick baby and a dishwasher.

finding a rhythm--will need this soon.


  1. Ms. Katie - you are amazing as a mom and an organizer. I know that if it can be done - you can do it. I believe that yes, rhythm helps in life and can keep things moving in the right direction for you. I also know that you won't get stuck in the schedule and will seize those "teachable moments" or sick days as they come. If anyone can do it - you Charlie and Lydia can!! Lots of love from AK miss you terribly. xo Bethany

  2. Everyone can befit from a home life rhythm. You'll be giving Lydia a strong foundation from which to go forth in life. Love you!