Sunday, February 19, 2012

we just said goodbye to my dad and stepmom after a fun weekend of great food (hello crusty soft bread and smoked Gouda!), accordion music, and non-stop Lydia giggles.  tonight we're going to see a friend from high school; she just had a little baby girl, Layla, and I'm so excited to see her.  over the last few weeks we have been able to spend more time with friends and family, one of our discussed new year's resolutions.  it's so important to maintain those connections, where your family becomes your best friends, and your friends become family.

all are welcome in our home.  my kitchen might be trashed, my hair frizzy from chasing Lydia, and laundry will be stacked up to the ceiling, but when you come, we will love it.  I love company.  it's a lost art.  we don't visit each other's homes anymore, we make excuses to meet elsewhere.  I feel awkward going over to the neighbor's for a cup of sugar or to ask for a five minute reprieve from Lydia so I can run to the store. that shouldn't happen in our small, friendly town.  I should be able to meet others' needs, and in turn be able to depend on my community to meet mine.

slowly we're growing here:  we have great families close by, friends who brighten our days, a wonderful church community.  Lydia needs to live in love, living in a community that she knows will support and encourage her.  we need the same. how do we facilitate this? we'll touch that another day.

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