Saturday, February 18, 2012

good morning! so begins a new saga of family blogging.

seems like we've been spinning our wheels lately, trying to get a sense of direction and purpose.  we've been ignoring the day to day moments where we can focus, and make something that's part of our normal daily better.  in missing these opportunities we lose steam and motivation, which are two things we very much need in a house with a kitten and an almost-18 month old!

this is us

this blog will be all-inclusive.  we won't rule anything out.  you may find (okay, you're sure to find) posts on food, real and delicious food. cleaning and organizing ideas.  Pinterest and the treasures Kate finds on there. wedding stuff. breastfeeding. treats for Lydia Grace. home projects and dreams of ours.

we welcome you to our life!

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