Friday, January 18, 2013

january roses and thorns

as explained earlier in my blog, when I was growing up we went to Shetek Lutheran Ministries for summer camp.  one of my favorite sharing activities took place at Candlepower, a time for reflection at the end of the day.  sometimes your very cool counselor hosted the special time out under the stars, other times in the coziness of our log cabins.  one candle was lit, and suddenly everyone became the same, focusing inward and staying still.  the counselor would begin with prayer, bringing our day to a peaceful close, and we were then invited to share, one by one, our roses and thorns for the day.  a rose was a good thing, a thorn a challenge.  I have since learned that you can have buds as well, things you are working on that could possibly go either way.  please, I invite you to join me for Candlepower this evening and lend me your roses, buds and thorns.

--today I made a woman, a struggling and tired woman, laugh.  it wasn't much, but this poor overworked mom needed a giggle, and I was happy to oblige with a sassy joke about angry and nipples being two words you never hear in the same sentence...unless you're a breastfeeding counselor [this woman does indeed have angry nipples, and is finally at the point where it's honestly just funny--too tired to do anything but laugh].
--today was a very positive work day for the "boob lady". so much to accomplish in my day, but I went home today feeling capable, happy, and affirmed that I am doing a good job for an agency near and dear to my heart.

--today I found out that there are more possibilities in my career opening up than I ever thought possible; God provides and we are prepared to take some small risks to discover more about these opportunities.  I am so lucky to have places of employment that I love and that help to support our little family...time to work on a more family-friendly schedule, now.
--today I made the fatal mistake of texting my husband a picture of a dog that is up for adoption, and now I have to follow up and surprise him with a visit to see the little guy.

--today I found out that we have so much work to do.  hospitals handing out FALSE information and misleading verbage to pregnant mothers about breastfeeding.  it's not even a challenge, it is a life commitment to fighting the awful, awful people who dare to lead women down that dark road of losing their goals of breastfeeding their babies.  telling mothers blatant lies to make a buck, sending formula samples to grandparents, publishing breastfeeding books with every intention to sell mothers formula in the long run.  building a breastfeeding coalition will not make the offending American Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology give way in their pursuits of refusal to help moms breastfeed, but it's a start. a start that is small, and woefully insignificant in a national scope now, but a start nonetheless.
--today I forgot/didn't know/lost somehow that my husband and I had plans tonight after work, so now we're 45 miles apart and we don't get as much family time tonight.  I hate losing out on time with him and Lydia, I love them so.

thanks for sharing today!

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  1. Hey Katie!
    I love it that you added buds! Okay, rock and roll. My January Rose, Bud, Thorn:

    Rose: While I have not been absolutely perfect, my challenge to myself to have a dry January is going incredibly well. I am feeling much more healthy, which really was the whole point.

    Thorn: (I know, this is out of order, but they will make more sense this way.) I am continuing to question my career choice of being a teacher. I have subbed in many nice classrooms this fall and winter. Even so, teaching one really bad class last week left such a bitter taste in mouth, I left that day truly ready to walk away from teaching forever.

    Bud: My career! The day after the really bad class, I worked with my favorite 5th grade class again. They reminded me of what teaching can be. To top it all off, I got to line up an interview today for a long term sub job. If I got it would start next week! Just the possibility is exciting. Also, my sweet husband and I had a really good conversation and made a plan for me moving forward into a new career, if I do decide to leave teaching.