Monday, January 28, 2013

being a human doing

I saw the saying "I'm a human doing" on a t-shirt the other day and it's been stuck in my head since.  cute, succinct, and relevant; I feel like we've been doing more doing than being lately. haven't had time to catch our breath with new clients, never-ending farm work, Lydia's buddies coming over to play, and  having time to cook, clean, and be a family at home too.

sometimes I feel like we'll never have a rhythm, never have a balance of time spent in/out of the home, no routine our kids can count on.  what with my crazy work hours and Charlie's new position at a friend's farm, our [incredible] daycare mama sees Lydia more than we do, and there's not a lot of time for parenting/family time to take place before everyone's in bed at night, exhausted at 8:30 from our long days of go-go-go.  then it's back up at 5am, another day another dollar.

hopefully this will change.  there are so many good things on the horizon for us this year.  just keeping our fingers crossed that our dreams become a reality this summer. vague, yes. eggs in one basket (a very probable basket but still, a basket), yes.  big hopes and goals, heck yes.

fun stuff as of late, a list:
-we have a horse and his name is North.  and by horse, I mean a big, jovial, happy go lucky black lab that we rescued.
-with having a horse dog comes regular walks and my body is happy to move again for exercise.
-Lydia's graduated from 2T to 3T clothes.  I still remember when she graduated from newborn to 3 month clothes.
-I baked an artisan loaf of whole wheat bread and a cornbread the other day...both were delicious.
-breakfast smoothies have been added to my daily yum-ness.  tomorrow morning's has hemp protein, chia seeds, plain yogurt, blueberries, and a banana in it.
-been enjoying some of my best comfort books lately, the friends you can pick up and begin reading wherever: eat pray love, a walk in the woods, the thinking woman's guide to a better birth, endurance. all incredible reads.
-more tea. such a good feeling to sit down at work with a steaming mug of Yogi Tea's Blues Away, or Tazo Wild Sweet Orange.
-holding babies. oh, those sweet babies! now that most of my hours are spent at WIC in Marshall instead of Slayton, I'm able to do more home/hospital visits with our clients and nuzzle their little ones while helping to establish breastfeeding. and with my promotion of double hours and new projects, I think my tenure at WIC is fast becoming more of a career than a part time job.
-Charlie works at a farm with lambs, baby pigs, and soon calves. Lydia is just over the moon when we go to get Daddy from work and hold those little sweeties.

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