Monday, September 17, 2012

monday musings

so it's a beautiful Monday outside.  in a little bit I'll go get Lydia from daycare [I've been working at home today] and we'll bake a delicious cornbread to have with our vegan chili tonight. Chuck is having a good day at work, and I am sure Lydia's been happy, bonking around with her little buddies. we'll take the slow way home, walking hand in hand. it feels so sweet to have her little hand in mine.

fall is here.  the nights are cool, the mornings require a sweater, and the days are getting shorter.  I sat with my coffee around 7am waiting for the sun to peek up; it doesn't seem so long ago that the days began much earlier. maybe it's just me, but these transitions between seasons are so beautiful.  there is nothing better than that nip in the air signifying change.

Chuck and I have been muttering over what we will do to stay active this winter: home projects, ice fishing, who knows.  we didn't have much of a home rhythm this summer. I had wanted to at least have certain days for certain activities, but I didn't commit to it, and honestly, sometimes the laundry needs to be done Tuesday instead of Sunday.  if I were a 100% SAHM it might be a different story, but this is not the case. we are still working on streamlining [both our home and our figures, more on that later] and for now that seems to be working ok.  extra books have found homes on friends' shelves and our local bookstore.  Lydia's little clothes have worked their way out of her drawers and into those of friends (and siblings!!!) having babies. anytime Chuck or I have clothes that are too loose, out they go-sayanara, I won't need you anymore! home decor gets swap-spotted...bit by bit our home is becoming clearer.

we had a wonderful summer, a beautiful wedding, and now my baby will be two on Thursday.  Lydia has seen the seasons come and go for two years. she is my growing, stoic, observant, keenly fair, and sometimes goofy little girl. we never dreamed we could have a child like her.  she is beyond dreamable, she puts the wind in our sails every day, be better be better be better.

isn't that the way life works? always dreaming, learning, planning, growing.

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